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The recruitment process can be a difficult one. You need someone who is not only qualified and experienced, but someone with a special mix of talent, work ethic, and people skills. The problem? Finding them isn’t always easy, especially in the tightest labor market we’ve ever seen! And the bigger problem? Once you've found them, how do you keep them?

That’s why we developed an innovative talent attraction and retention model that is disrupting the recruitment and HR industry. Discover our Human-Centered Attract & Retain approach that gives you peace of mind! You will never have to worry about finding and retaining the right people in the right seats.

Whether you need Executive Leadership or front-line HR Professionals we have a vast network combined with real world HR experience unmatched by any other firm recruiting today.

Our Human-Centered membership model gives you access to our top notch HR and Executive talent network, unlimited replacements, annual check-ins, and year-round retention support.

We’re thrilled to partner with you on your journey in building a heart-centered team!

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How Does our Attract & Retain Model Works

Discover our 7 Attract & Retain Steps:

1. Discovery Session

The first step involves identifying the employer brand attributes, determining competency requirements for the role, and creating a customized competency scorecard as well as structured interview questions. It also includes creating a customized recruiting process map.

2. Market Map

This step includes fine tuning a market map to the client's needs, identifying the winning and losing companies in the market, competitors (direct & indirect), the HR and leadership ecosystem, networking partners, and previous candidates in its database. Additionally, strategizing to reach 60% of the candidate market that maps the pain and gain factors for HR and Executive candidates making a move and the issues that may push them away from their current Company.

3. Engagement Campaign

Next, we deploy a customized recruitment campaign that leverages headhunting, LinkedIn ads, email campaigns, cold calls, Facebook ads, and personalized videos.

4. Fit for the Role Filter

In this step, we use screening and social media reviews as well as personality and leadership assessments to determine the right fit for the role. We also prepare an executive summary containing insights about the two to three candidates who will meet you for interviews.

5. Meeting the Top Talent

After screening the candidates, we assist clients in meeting with the qualified candidates to be interviewed. We also help you prepare structured interview questions with a scorecard and guide you in selecting the right candidate for the role.

6. The 11th Hour

This step involves conducting background checks and other assessments for the shortlisted candidates. In addition, we also keep the shortlisted candidates engaged while you decide whom to select among the candidates.

7. The Superhero's Onboarding & Retention Support

Once you've decided on your superhero who will be joining your team, we continue working with you to help you develop the 3-months onboarding plan. We also check-in with you and your new hire regularly during the onboarding period to ensure retention success. Further, if you signed up for our Human-Centered annual membership plan, we also offer year-round retention support to stabilize and retain the new hire into their new role. The membership plan also comes with unlimited replacements and no additional placement fees.

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Great people are at the heart of your business.

That's why we take every search project with great care. We live and breath your goals, and pour all of our energy into producing your ideal outcome.

Every action we take has heart behind it, and it's that commitment to care that we bring to every search endeavor.